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Climate change and storms... an expert explains the causes of "extreme weather"

Climate change and storms… an expert explains the causes of “extreme weather”

At a time when many regions of the northern hemisphere are experiencing deadly warming and severe flooding, climate experts have linked these extreme weather to climate change, as well as solar storms.

The “old continent” was severely affected by the floods, as fierce rainfall claimed the lives of more than 183 people, in the green hills of Western Europe, including 156 victims in Germany alone.

In North America, temperatures in some areas approached 50 degrees Celsius, killing hundreds of people, and igniting horrific wildfires.

The heat wave over western parts of Canada and the United States was caused by a “dome” of hot, high-pressure air, stretching from California to areas of the Arctic.

Climate change

For his part, Professor of Climate and Former Vice President of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, Ali Kotb, explains the possible reasons behind these extreme heat waves, floods, heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Qutb said in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia that many countries in the world in Europe, America and Asia are subjected to… heat waves Floods, heavy rains and heat as a result of climatic changes and increased carbon emissions, resulting from industries and nuclear and chemical weapons tests, carried out by the great powers.

According to the climate professor, these behaviors lead to the extremism of these hot waves and their continued occurrence, and when they rise Temperatures Significantly in southern Europe and due to the geographical variation between land, seas, seas and rivers, the temperature varies with a rise in the relative humidity.

He continues: “The high humidity results in clouds that grow in the atmosphere and turn into cumulus thunderclouds as a result of the cold air masses in the atmospheric layers over regions of Europe and America, and the growth of these cumulus thunderclouds continues until heavy rain and thunder fall from them, which cause floods And torrential rain in those areas despite the high temperatures.”

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The climate professor says that this weather that occurs in the northern hemisphere is completely similar to the weather of tropical countries in which surface temperatures rise and are accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms at the same time.

He stresses the need for governments and countries of the world to work to reduce carbon emissions, which leads to the continuation of the negative effects of climate change and environmental pollution, which will cause the destruction of the planet over the years.

solar storms

In addition to climatic changes, there is another factor, which is solar storms, which cause heat to rise in some areas on the surface of the globe.

Qutb explains the factor of solar storms, saying: “The sun has cycles, sometimes it is light, sometimes medium and sometimes active, meaning that the solar radiation is strong, so it leads to high temperatures on the surface of the Earth.

Solar storms explain the causes of high temperatures in periods of time prior to the industrial revolution.

The climate professor here points out that the presence of solar storms alongside climate change leads to an increase in the rate of temperature rise, which may lead to the melting of the Arctic, and the sinking of many coastal cities in the future, repeating his appeal: “I appeal to the governments of the world to be aware of the seriousness of climate change.” “.