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Climate changes are behind the increase in fires and forests should be cleared, monitored and equipped with fire infrastructure - Day 24

Climate changes are behind the increase in fires and forests should be cleared, monitored and equipped with fire infrastructure – Day 24

Mohamed Said Garouq, professor of climatology at Hassan II University in Casablanca, revealed that the temperatures have become higher than usual in Morocco, because the Earth’s climate has increased in general, and this has become confirmed by climatologists through a set of reports and observations, which will make the chances of fires breaking out. The natural environment is also higher, and this is what made these fires erupt in several places during this period of high heat wave.

Commenting on the incidents of the outbreak of a group of fires in the northern cities, the climate expert stressed that officials in the field of forests should be on the lookout for this type of phenomenon, and in this case, the forest must be cared for, refined and purified, and fighting the vanishing trees and removing the dead ones. And fallen branches and fallen dry leaves, because it is supposed to be collected in one way or another so that it is not a combustible tool or substance, and if fires break out, they can be gentle fires and be overcome.

On the possibility of the authorities overcoming the fires, Qarouq revealed in a statement to “Today 24” that Morocco has multiple means to monitor the forest, through satellites and aerial photos. It has its own satellites and uses satellites of countries in Europe and America to cooperate with them. Therefore, this process, according to a climatologist, must be within the reach of the authorities, and officials have a high ability to treat these fires through aircraft because they facilitated access to rugged places.

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To explain the reasons for some of the difficulties faced by the firefighters’ interventions, Qarouk emphasized that it is better for the forests to be prepared, and to make crossings and corridors in the middle to allow access to them in the event of fires, and to create water nozzles close to the forests to facilitate the process of extinguishing the fires, so that the firefighters do not have to To transport water, as it impedes their interventions to put out fires. In addition to preparing roads, pathways and accessibility is a barrier to the spread of fires within the forest quickly, and accordingly, this process, the climate expert explains, must be prepared for water and forest management and prevent the accumulation of weeds and their residues before the fires occur.

The professor of climatology at Hassan II University in Al-Bayda warned that if excessive heat coincides with winds, it will be the greatest catastrophe, because it is the biggest fuel for fires and hinders the intervention of firefighters and firefighting.

In his statement, the spokesman said, “We know that the eastern winds in the north are strong, and if they are compatible with a fire, they work to increase its outbreak, and do not allow it to be extinguished, and these are difficulties that we must be aware of, prepared for and qualified for.”

Qarooq explained that forest fires are a natural thing all over the world, but the latter must be taken care of so that fires do not break out, and in the event that they do erupt, there is controlled and proactive monitoring. , which is a normal thing that happens from time to time, in order to renew the forest. Therefore, specialists know very well that when the temperature rises, fires can break out at any moment. Qarouk adds.

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