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Climate protesters try to stop Berlin – oil alone stopped London traffic | UK News

German climate activists took to the streets across Berlin this morning in an attempt to stop traffic.

Members of the Last Generation group blocked roads across Germany last year to pressure the government to take more action against them. Climate change.

Activists have trapped themselves on the road on several occasions, angering some motorists and prompting accusations of extremism from conservative politicians.

They warned that traffic would be disrupted later in the day due to slow moving and roadblocks through the city.

A climate activist stuck his hand on the road during the protest
A climate activist holds a piece of pavement with one hand after police removed it from the road during a protest against the German government's climate policy in Berlin, Germany, Monday, April 24, 2023.  German climate activists tried to bring it about.  Traffic came to a standstill in Berlin on Monday morning, with streets stuck across the capital.  (AP Photo/Marcus Schreiber)

The German news agency (dpa) reported around 30 roadblocks across the city in the morning.

“We will no longer accept that the government has no plan to prevent the destruction of our livelihoods,” declared the last generation.

“We’re fighting back now.”

And destructive rebellion

Berlin police said up to 500 police officers would demonstrate on the capital’s streets throughout the day to prevent or quickly end the blockade.

The group said last week that its members would intensify their activities in the coming days and “try to peacefully bring the city to a standstill”.

Germany’s Last Generation wants to end the use of all fossil fuels by 2030 and take short-term measures, including imposing a general speed limit of 62mph on motorways in an attempt to reduce transport emissions.

“Some hooligans” wanted to disrupt the London Marathon

Just Stop Oil (JSO) activists brought traffic to a standstill in parts of central London this morning after staging a fourth day of protests dubbed “The Big One”.

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More than 160 activists blocked roads in the Haymarket area and around Waterloo, causing rush hour chaos.

On Sundays, up to 50,000 Annihilation Rebellion XR activists hit central London as the London Marathon begins, with the proximity of the two events sparking fears climate campaigners will try to disrupt the annual race.

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XR enthusiasts eliminate turbulence

XR said they don’t do this on purpose, but are a direct protest group The JSO organization declined to say whether its operatives would intentionally disrupt it.

An Extinction Rebellion (XR) activist, 63, said “a bunch of rowdies” wanted to derail the race against climate change.

He added: “We think there are a few people who want to take action to derail the race protesting that we’re doing nothing for the climate, and we want to stop it because we don’t think it’s necessary.”

Doomsday protestors call out from a Green Force march in Westminster, London, on the first day of a four-day environmental task force. "A huge one".  Photo date: Friday, April 21, 2023.
Green Force XR demonstrators marched through Westminster on Friday
Demonstrators from Destruction Rebellion take part in a protest outside the Home Office in London on the first day of four days of work by the environmental task force they named. "A huge one".  Photo date: Friday, April 21, 2023.
Extinction Rebellion demonstrators protest outside the Home Office in London on Friday

But no one seems to have tried to disrupt the race on the famous stretch of the marathon course.

“I think a lot of the people who support the marathon also support a lot of the values ​​of Extinction Rebellion,” said Tom Crowther, a 22-year-old XR activist who traveled from Kent to attend the four-day protests. .