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Climate tax on homes and cars comes from Brussels. Hungary has already announced that it will not provide anything

The European Union is preparing a so-called climate tax for home and car owners. Prime Minister Gergeli Golias, head of the office, said the Hungarian government would oppose these taxes. Other V4 countries are expected to take the same stance. writes that the fact that energy prices are rising sharply across Europe, which he says is leading to a crisis in public services, is to blame for the “ill-thought-out energy policy of the EU”.

Climate tax on homes and cars comes from Brussels.  Hungary has already announced that it will not provide anything
Photo: Hana Proshkova
to explain: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Golias identifies as the biggest risk that the European Commission wants to “raise prices for consumers by taxing home and car owners”. “The countries of Visegrad will reject and reject him,” Golias said. “The Hungarian government is strongly committed to safeguarding the results of the public service cost reduction programme,” he said.

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According to him, the recent actions of the European Commission have contributed to the crisis. “Because of climate protection, Brussels was forced to move away from traditional energy production with the liberalization of gas and electricity markets without a transition period. When the first signs of the crisis began to appear in the spring, European gas storage facilities had record low levels of gas,” said Guillas.

As demand grew, supply decreased and long-term gas supply agreements in Europe expired. And Brussels did nothing for six months. It has not conducted any negotiations with European energy suppliers.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said this week that the European Commission’s planned climate package “fits 55” and subsequent high energy prices would destroy Europe’s middle class. According to him, this must stop.

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