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Closer than we thought .. the rise in temperature may exceed the ability of humans!

Closer than we thought .. the rise in temperature may exceed the ability of humans!

According to the British newspaper, The Guardian, Scientists They see that level the heat And the humidity is close to exceeding the limit that allows life Humans.

In the months of March, April and May of this year, India, along with its neighbors, recorded heat waves that exhausted more than one billion people, and more than a record was exceeded.

In 2022, India recorded the warmest month of March in a century, while the temperature in the capital, New Delhi, exceeded 49 degrees Celsius last May.

In Britain, the temperature exceeded the previous record by 1.6 degrees Celsius, exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, and this also happened in other European countries.

And the Guardian wrote that some regions of the world have approached the limit of maximum humidity and temperature, which means that they are on the verge of becoming beyond the range of human tolerance.

The newspaper added that this bearable threshold of heat and humidity may be lower than some thought, meaning that we approached it without realizing it.

To measure this, researchers use a criterion they call the turbid bulb, in order to match the temperature and humidity level, in order to make estimates about weather tolerable in humans.

The human body is not only affected by humidity and heat, but there are other factors such as sunlight and wind speed.

According to scientific standards, a person in good health can only endure six hours, if the temperature and humidity reach a critical degree.

This critical level is where the air temperature is in the range of 40 degrees Celsius with a humidity of up to 75 percent.

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The human body can usually adapt to the heat, sweating and drying out, but in the case of moisture, it becomes unable to “cool” itself automatically, and at this point, the organs may begin to perturb and fail to be able to continue to perform their functions.