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Closure of a mortuary in Khartoum after the decomposition of the corpses and the attack of mice on them

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The Sudanese authorities announced the closure of the Bashair Hospital mortuary in the south of the capital, Khartoum, after about a thousand unidentified bodies began to decompose.

Last April, the Sudanese Sovereignty Council issued a decision to form a technical committee to bury the unidentified bodies because of their accumulation in the refrigerators of mortuaries and hospitals, in order to prevent environmental and health risks resulting from their accumulation.

And the “Sudan Tribune” website quoted the director of the forensic medicine department at the Ministry of Health in Khartoum state, Hisham Zain al-Abidin, that the Ministry of Health issued a decision yesterday, Monday, to close the mortuary of Bashaer Hospital.

He explained that the presence of the bodies on the ground in a hall attached to the mortuary, and in light of the high temperature and frequent power cuts, made them begin to decompose and rot, which necessitated the issuance of the closure decision.

He added: “This matter led to the fact that there were mice that began to devour the rotting corpses, which does not satisfy religion or morals and does not represent Sudanese values,” revealing that these corpses have been in the mortuary since 2019.

The official revealed that the number of unknown bodies in the morgues in Khartoum state is about 2,300, including one thousand in the Bashair Hospital mortuary, another thousand in Omdurman Hospital, and about 300 bodies in the mortuary of the Academic Hospital.