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Cloud seeding in Saudi Arabia and its goals provoke an interaction after the first flight over Riyadh, Qassim and Hail

Cloud seeding in Saudi Arabia and its goals provoke an interaction after the first flight over Riyadh, Qassim and Hail

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated videos and photos of the first cloud seeding operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the capital, Riyadh, Qassim and Hail.

And the official Saudi Press Agency stated in a report that “the implementation of the artificial rain program in the Kingdom, which was recently approved by the Council of Ministers, aims to increase the rate of rainfall in the Kingdom from the current rate, which does not exceed 100 mm annually, because the Kingdom is one of the driest countries in the world, and does not contain permanent bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes.

The report was quoted by the CEO of the National Center of Meteorology and supervisor of the cloud seeding program, Ayman Ghulam, as saying: “The operating room concerned with the program was launched yesterday at the headquarters of the National Center of Meteorology in Riyadh, which is concerned with monitoring the clouds expected to rain, and the implementation of the first flights began over the Riyadh region, and achieved Its desired goals in terms of the success of the seeding process, its time factor, and the desired results.

He added: “The current operations of rain seeding are working according to the time plan prepared for them and within the framework of the operational work, in cooperation with all concerned authorities, where an operation room has been established working around the clock and equipped with the most accurate meteorological techniques and accurate radars, in addition to scientists and international experts in the field of cloud seeding and technical and logistical support. With the aim of observing clouds and identifying seeding sites, the designated aircraft would sow “environmentally friendly” stimulating materials in specific places of the clouds, to stimulate the process of precipitation on the targeted areas and increase the amount of rain.

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