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Clubhouse for Android already works with us.  This is what "inside" looks like

Clubhouse for Android already works with us. This is what “inside” looks like

The popular Clubhouse audio app (albeit not by much) to officially connect a few moments ago arrived on Android. Even in the Czech Republic, despite original assumptions. Those as per the published list The Czech Republic ranked in the arrival wave on Friday. Finally, the app Download and run appears Already on Tuesday. The Play Store sent a notification to those interested in the initial arrival. Thanks to the fact that I had an invitation from an “apple maker” before, I can now submit it Some notes and pictures A preview of what Clubhouse for Android looks like in the end and what its features are.

Club: Live voice chat

Android Features of Clubhouse App

I redirect because I haven’t seen or searched for the iOS version, so I can’t compare. Alternatively, you can try it in the comments, I’ll be happy. To enter the tool, you need to enter the phone number and then the SMS verification code. To get to the “inside”, you must have it Even an invitation From the list Club House user.

Year, This network is still playing for the exclusivity even after a few weeks. If that’s a good idea, I might just leave it to you. Given how many people can actually send invitations, this does not limit, limit, or offend me in any way. As a new user, you have two invitations available.

After entering the app, you have the opportunity to link the contact list to its database and find friends or colleagues who are already using Clubhouse. You will also get the option to see not only different people, but also individual subject areas Chambers or ‘arms’. A channel with recommended rooms and a button to start your own channel appears on the app’s home page. Your frame can be either completely public, for friends on your watchlist, or private with invitations from specific people.

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