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Coach Hrouzek and "hérečka" Deniska will return in third grade from Lajna

Coach Hrouzek and “hérečka” Deniska will return in third grade from Lajna

Full of nuclear humor, the series revolves around a fanatical-minded limited hockey coach and his new partner in a dubious past. The novelty should have eight parts in twenty-six minutes.

The first two series of the Lajna series, which viewers will find on the video portal, It has over 16 million views. However, the new series will be premiered on Earth TV menu And TV Joj, it will be watched by many online viewers.

“public TV menu Still growing, in January, according to ATO measurements, we had a monthly audience of 2,905,000. We will continue our desire to enhance the production of engaging content for our audiences. In addition to the Lajna 3 Series, we are preparing our new Fall Program Planner programs. We are very glad that we found a strong partner in co-productions of filming as TV Joj. In doing so, Lagna becomes an international project, thanks not only to the cooperation of two national TV stations, but also thanks to the environment in which it is filmed and the story in which it is set, ”added Ivan Mykola, Director of Seznam Television.

“We have been following the work of colleagues at Seasonal TV for three years since the beginning of the broadcast, and the series Lina has undoubtedly become a phenomenon in its genre. Establishing collaboration was a natural thing even when looking at our serial work or the background of my authors, and I look forward to Jiří Langmajer’s acting concert and the excellent script of Petr Koleček as co-producers of this wonderful project for the first time this evening for the audience in Slovakia, Marcel Greja, General Manager of JOJ Group.

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The series will be filmed by the same team as the previous time, and it should be filmed this summer.