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Vít Rakušan a Petr Fiala.

Coalition leaders see no reason to rebuild the government in a corruption case

“We agreed that we see no reason to rebuild the government and take similar steps,” Fayala said. The Austrian prime minister said the Austrian interior minister had “absolute confidence” in the leaders of the ruling coalition in terms of the impartiality of the investigation into the case and its just outcome.

The Austrian appreciated the heads of ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and Pirates for expressing their confidence in him. He assured them that the issue of corruption must be resolved consistently and according to the principle that “falling falls on whom.” He stated that he had no preliminary information that representatives of STAN were also involved in the case and that he did not and will not interfere with the investigation.

In this case, according to the police, the organized group systematically occupied key positions in the transport company so that the appointment of friendly managers could influence various tenders in order to take bribes from the winning companies. The accused include former Prague Deputy Mayor Peter Hluboczyk, whose membership was suspended by STAN over the case, and businessman Michal Riedel.

According to the Austrian, Gazdek left his position because of his contacts with Riedel, not because he was under investigation. According to the head of STAN, these contacts “have been difficult to explain in the context of how to deal with this Prague issue”. According to the Austrian, STAN wants to present Gazdík’s successor first to the Pirates with whom he ran last year and then to other government partners.

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The Austrian wants to meet potential followers in the coming days and wants to present the best and unquestionable candidate within his movement. “I certainly deny that we will have to search somewhere in the outer waters. In the STAN movement, we have many people who have been professionally engaged in education for a long time, really understand it and run the political function,” said the Austrian.