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Color Test Land. The Netherlands certainly isn’t just nests

Although the Netherlands is known in European consciousness mainly because of Amsterdam as a misfortune, the truth is found quite elsewhere. It’s basically a land full of blooming tulips, delicious grapes, and enormous light windmills. The first flower in May is just perfect for a trip to this interesting country.

An unforgettable experience is the largest open-air flower exhibition in the Keukenhof Flower Park in the Lycee area near Amsterdam, where you can see the largest number of tulips in one city. More than a hundred varieties of tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, orchids and other flowers, which you can take in the form of small bulbs and in your garden, first in spring promises an irresistible spray.

During April and May, you can visit the thirty-kilometer-long Blumencorsa Flower Parade Trail with fifty floral figurative cars, accompanied by Mauritka and five groups of Dutch orchestras.

Over time, the earth became a global powerhouse in the cultivation of tulips, every day on an area of ​​760 thousand meters taverns produces nineteen million izanches and two million houseplants.

I’ll ride a bike and a boat

It is worth going straight to the local open-air museums with windmills, to try running a porcelain factory and a porcelain factory and walk in the historic center of Amsterdam. The whole of the Netherlands is known for its cycling popularity and, as evidenced by thousands of bikes, is open to being betrayed about Gracht kanl. You will find them here over a hundred kilometers away and many of them you can drive a summer boat.

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If you are interested in antiquities, you definitely should not miss some of the cities in Amsterdam, between the 5th century dam with the domination of the royal thumb or the Gothic Revival Oude Kerk Church with the octagonal v, which was used by monks twice. To get busy.

Amsterdam you are ur

Amsterdam is designed for cycling, non-recreational, sex enthusiasts, but also for art and history enthusiasts.

The charming garden of Begijnhof, a complex of old homes, inhabited by nuns and today is inhabited by unmarried women. You should walk along the Magere Brug or Hubenm Bridge, which has been standing here since 1670.

Respect the picturesque setting of the picturesque streets of the Jordaan area, and if you like parks, do not miss the opportunity to visit Vondelpark in the south of the city, just a five-minute walk from Leidseplein, near the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum.

Most interesting for children is the local zoo, Artis, it is connected to the botanical garden which offers wonderful cups with a tropical forest for children. They will also be interested in the Geological Museum, which represents the evolution of the planet over billions of years.

If you decide to do something funky in Amsterdam then you are definitely at the right address. The city has a rich inanimate life and offers a wide range of entertainment, from music to theater and dance to non-club, featuring artists from all over the world.

Local businesses are a common good, and both marijuana and hay are consumed in them. Not only that, the city is very famous for its quarter lanterns, other tourists from all over the world come here to taste the forbidden fruit.

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