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Colors of the homeland | 7 things to consider when buying a new Android phone.

The smartphone is no longer just a means of communication, or an entertainment tool only, but many depend on it to finish their practical tasks, which makes them need a “mobile” with certain capabilities that meet these purposes, and in the following lines we review 7 things that must be taken into account when buying an Android phone for Choose the right phone with good capabilities, and at the same time avoid deception tricks from some merchants.

7 things to consider when buying an Android phone

According to “Aitnews”, although the capabilities that a person will need in his mobile phone depend on the purpose of using this phone, there are 7 things that must be taken into account when buying an Android phone, which are:

1- Operating System:

This is because some smartphone manufacturers are not interested in providing operating system updates for their phones quickly, which makes the use of these phones more slow than others. So when buying a new Android phone, you should make sure if the manufacturer is interested in providing operating system updates quickly for its phones or not, because new versions usually include security improvements and powerful features.

2- Design and functions:

As some people tend to buy a phone with an attractive metal design, this may hinder the use of some functions and capabilities, such as increasing the internal storage space via microSD cards, or not supporting the traditional headphone jack. So when it comes to buying an Android phone, a balance must be made between functionality and the external design of the phone.

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3- Screen size and type:

Choosing a mobile screen should be based on the purpose of using the phone; If a person likes photography and watching video clips, it is better for him to choose a screen of no less than 5.7 inches, but if he will only use it to browse social networking sites, then he can choose a smaller screen.

4- Processor:

This is because the processor is the axis of the device on which the overall performance depends, and operating system updates often depend on the capacity of the processor; So you must choose a mobile phone with a powerful processor.

5- RAM and internal storage space:

Although it is preferable to choose a smartphone with no less than 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory, the smartphone must be chosen based on the purpose of using the phone, and in all cases the RAM capacity and internal storage space must be checked and not Sufficient with what is written on the phone box, and you should also take a look at the amount of space occupied by previously installed applications on the phone.

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Camera quality and battery life

6- Camera quality:

As the user must bear in mind that the quality of the images in photography does not depend on the accuracy of the camera lens only, and that 48 megapixels are not always better than 10 megapixels, but in fact it depends on the type of built-in sensor and the quality of the lens and its aperture, so you must make sure All this and test the accuracy of the camera by taking a few pictures before completing the purchase.

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7- Battery life:

Although the amount of battery capacity is one of the most important determinants of battery life, there are a lot of factors that play a different role and have to be taken into consideration, for example higher resolution screens consume more power while the latest processors improve battery life In addition to some other factors that affect battery life, such as the screen refresh rate and whether or not fast charging technology is supported.

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