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Colors of the homeland | A geomagnetic storm hits Earth.. know the details of its last hours

A geomagnetic storm hitting the Earth topped the search engines in the past hours, after astronomers monitored the moment of the arrival of the solar emission, at exactly one in the afternoon, Mecca time.

Soon, observers of astronomical events began searching for the words of a geomagnetic storm that hit the Earth, wanting to know the damage it caused.

A geomagnetic storm hits Earth

The Jeddah Astronomical Society wrote on its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “The expected coronal mass emission (CME) arrived and collided with the Earth’s magnetic field today, but the collision was weak, far from what is expected of a large emission, as it is likely that the bulk of the emission The one who left the Sun on October 28 passed away from our planet; It basically pushed south of the line of the sun and the earth.”

Before that, the NOAA spacecraft “Discover” recorded a slight interruption in the solar wind data today, Sunday, at about 12 noon Mecca time, which caused only small disturbances.

The aurora borealis before the storm

And the Jeddah Astronomical Society had indicated that the appearance of the aurora borealis lights in the sky of the southern coast of Iceland was monitored, while waiting for the arrival of the coronal mass emission, yesterday, Saturday, adding: “This event was not due to the great solar emission that everyone is waiting for, but it was the result of a different emission. It is a small cloud of ionized gas that left the sun on October 26.

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It is noteworthy that the Jeddah Astronomical Society had clarified in its statement that the storm occurred as a result of a cloud of ionized gas in what is known as a “coronal mass emission,” which was ejected by the “x” glow that occurred in the sun on Thursday, which led to a geomagnetic storm heading indirectly towards the magnetic field. for planet earth.