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كشف لغز الناجي الوحيد في أسبانيا

Colors of the homeland | A surprise that no one expected .. The mystery of the only survivor in Spain revealed كشف

It sparked a global uproar Spanish guy الشاب Recently, Javier, with his account called “unicosobrevivente”, after he claimed that he lives in the year 2027, to create a state of confusion among all the pioneers of the famous video site “Tik Tok”, which ends with decoding the mystery associated with it, which is that what he is doing is propaganda for the production of a series carrying The name “The Lone Survivor” will be shown on Beta Spain

According to the Spanish “audiovisual451” website, the Spanish company Beta Spain will produce the series “Lone Survivor”, which is linked to the videos that Javier published on his page on the video platform “Tik Tok” in various places.

During these videos, Javier tried to provide documents that support his view that he lives alone and that the time in which he lives is the year 2027, and the videos garnered a high percentage of views, ranging between 800,000 and 10 million, all of which were filmed in roads and public places without humans.

@the only survivor

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Special Effects – Jean-Jacques Perry & Various Artists

According to the producer, his company is working on the production of works related to innovation, among which is what became famous through “Tik Tok”, and the circle is his story about a young man who woke up once on the morning of February, and found himself inside a hospital in the Spanish city of Valencia, and after he went out, he did not find anyone. One in the streets, the whole world is empty of people, while he lives alone in the city.

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“This incredible story has attracted worldwide attention due to the aesthetics and mystery associated with its videos as no people or animals appear in them, which gives the story tremendous authenticity,” the company said in a press release.

The young Spanish man took dozens of videos while wandering the streets looking for people, and published them through his account unicosobreviviente on Tik Tok, which means in Arabic “the only survivor.” He takes videos in malls, shops, palaces, public places and others.

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