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الممثلة مروة محمد كومبارس مسلسل عائلة الحاج متولى

Colors of the homeland | Actress Marwa Mohamed Kombars The family of Hajj Metwally leaves the home for the homeless: her sister will take it over

Actress Marwa Mohamed Kombars, series The Family of Hajj Metwally, is still causing controversy with her social and psychological situation. After she was rescued from homelessness in the street and treated in a psychiatric hospital in Al Maamoura, then she was placed in the Ma’ana Foundation to save a person, her psychological condition is still troubled, and Mahmoud Waheed, director of the Foundation revealed new details Regarding the period she stayed in the house.

Great sympathy for the actress Marwa Mohamed Kompars, the series The Family of Hajj Metwally

Extensive sympathy for the condition of actress Marwa Mohamed Kombars in the Hajj Metwally Family series, after her story was published last January, which prompted a response Together we can save a human being Because of her condition, but due to her poor psychological condition, it was decided to put her in a psychiatric hospital in Alexandria before merging her with the house inmates.

Engineer Mahmoud Waheed, head of the Ma’ana Foundation to Save a Person, said that the condition of actress Marwa Muhammad Kombars, Hajj Metwally, has not changed, and this is the reason behind her isolation from the inmates for fear of her violent reaction: “Violent and behaving very recklessly, and the situation is not stable, unlike The words of the sanatorium, that is why we isolated her far from the inmates and we were trying to integrate her with them, but the issue is difficult, that is why we thought of handing her over to the sanatorium again, but her sister called me and asked to be delivered.”

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The sister of actress Marwa Mohamed asks for her handover

The actress’s sister, Marwa Mohamed Kombars, contacted the family of Hajj Metwally with the management of the institution and asked them to hand over her sister, which “Wahid” agreed without hesitation, given that she needs special family care: “She is supposed to be coming to receive her today. She contacted us and we welcomed the idea, but we will take it upon her A guarantee because Marwa’s condition needs special care, other than that her psychological condition is the same.”