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علي مع مجموعة من رفاقه

Colors of the homeland | “Ali” tours to observe the stars in Bahariya Oasis: “We simulate space flights”

The love of nature and the exploration of new places in the Egyptian desert, prompted the twenty-year-old “Ali Ezzat” to leave his job as a production engineer in a company, to dedicate most of his time to wandering inside Egypt’s nature reserves, in order to enjoy the sky, mountains and sulfur eyes, as well as clearly monitoring the moon and stars. , away from the condensation of fumes and exhaust in the cities.

Camping in Farafra Oasis

“I loved people to share my love for nature, so I started organizing trips with my friends and acquaintances,” according to Ali’s narration to “Al-Watan.” One of the places he loves to visit and wander is the Bahariya Oasis, especially Farafra; He recently discovered a group of tents, with different heritage in the form of space colonies, stacked on circular shapes resembling spacecraft, with an opening from the top to allow those inside to see the moon And the stars while lying down, which encouraged him to organize an astronomical trip to observe the stars in the Farafra Oasis.

Relax and enjoy nature

Ali Ezzat hired a professional astronomer, his owner and his team to explain to them the shape of galaxies and how to observe the stars. He also taught them navigation to determine directions in the desert without the help of GPS. In addition, the young man helps his companions on the trip to relax through meditation and breathing exercises: “I am taking a yoga class at the International Society for Sports Science, so that I can be an internationally certified coach.”

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The turnout of many people to “Ali”’s participation in his trips, helped him to develop the idea, until he became organizing trips in a more expanded way, and this motivated him to go through the procedures for opening a company tourism An interior to introduce people to unknown places, which are considered treasures that should not be overlooked, and to get to know them closely: “I am now in the process of establishing a tourism company, and my goal will be for all groups, old and young.”

space flight simulator

The young man in his twenties wanted, through his stargazing trip, to make a tour that simulates a visit to space in terms of the shapes of tents, and the use of a telescope to monitor the movement of stars, in addition to providing a space allowance for filming at night with the stars and the moon.

Ali Ezzat explained that the Farfara Oasis is a city free from any light pollution, because there are no lighting poles, which allowed them to see the stars clearly without the use of a telescope, noting that he goes with his participants to a safari trip and go swimming in the sulfur waters that help to relax and get rid of of joint pain.

Encouraging environmental and medical tourism

Another set of trips organized by “Ali” inside the Black Desert located in the New Valley Governorate, as well as his trips to nature reserves and salt lakes: “I would like to encourage eco-tourism and medical treatment; Because many people know it.”

In addition, the young man was keen to introduce his companions to the history of the place, archaeological valleys and the nature of the rocks, so that everyone could benefit from new information besides enjoying calm and nature: “People don’t want to return to their work and their life… the journey takes you into another world beyond the limits of time.”

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