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«عم رضا» أقدم مصور فوتوجرافر في بورسعيد

Colors of the homeland | “Am Reda” is the oldest photographer in Port Said.. “Teach his children and lead them to a decent life.”

One of the street stars in Port Said Governorate, with an elegant and modest appearance, his sixties roams the city streets, riding a motorcycle, moving between the restaurant complex and the tourist walkway, to show the wanderers in the streets, and those sitting inside those restaurants, photography for a small amount, so that this profession becomes his only source of livelihood, Which enables him to support his family, for more than 40 years.

The beginning of the idea of ​​photography in the streets and restaurants

Reda Sharif, a sixty-year-old man Port Said GovernorateHe started his life as a worker in a restaurant in the city, that work from which he earns a simple income, while he is looking for an independent job, which enables him to earn abundant money, in order to be able to spend on his family, with the passage of days and he is still working inside the restaurant, He began noticing that there was a man carrying a camera and photographing customers, from here the idea began to seep into his mind, and he began to implement immediately, “The first time I saw the man photographing the customers, I said, God is a good idea, and at least I don’t work for anyone,” according to his interview with Al-Watan.

Uncle Reda works 11 hours a day

“Uncle Reda” starts his day at nine in the morning, has been at this time, for more than 40 years, to head to the tourist walkway area, riding his bike, walking between pedestrians and those sitting on the beach, offering them an offer to photograph them for a small amount, with the possibility of providing pictures during Minutes: “I will start with them and tell them what you think. What do you think of my photos and the pictures will be ready after half an hour?” He takes pictures and goes to the lab immediately to prepare the pictures for the customers, and in the event of a malfunction in the lab, he rushes back to the customers and returns the money to them again, “He returns to the people quickly, either Pictures or money, people’s trust is the most important thing in my job.” He continued working until ten in the evening, continuing his work for about 11 hours a day.

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Uncle Reda’s keenness on educating his children

Although “Uncle Reda” is over sixty years old, he is still striving to earn a living, and refuses to sit at home or retire inside his photography office. Through this simple act, from saving Decent life To his family, and to preserve the education of his children and their obtainment of higher degrees, “Praise be to you, I taught my children a good Mayada with a Bachelor of Science, and Mahmoud is a graduate of the College of Naval Engineering.”