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Colors of the homeland | An expert warns against downloading applications away from “Google” and “Apple”: they cause disasters

Sherif Iskandar, an information technology expert, warned against applications that users download from outside stores «The GoogleAnd “Apple”, stressing that it leads to disasters, including the theft of user data, stressing that some applications whose source is known, and the source of their income is known, is not a concern.

Beware of free apps

Iskandar added, in a telephone interview with the “Evening DMC” program broadcast on the “DMC” satellite channel, and presented by the media, Jasmine Taha, today, Monday, that some Applications Paid ones are intended for entertainment, but the fear is from free applications, because these applications must have a source of income to raise money, either from advertisements, or they take pictures to develop their own artificial intelligence programs, to identify people of different nationalities, explaining that some The apps get personal data, they get the right to edit photos, and they might take all the photos and send them to their server, or they might delete all the photos.

Important tips before downloading entertainment applications

The information technology expert gave a number of tips for those who wish to download these applications, stressing that downloading the application is either from the Google Store or the Apple Store, and they are working to ensure that data is not stolen, and the permissions obtained by the application must be checked, because There are many applications whose goal is to collect data or “emails” or collect pictures of people and use them for something.

He pointed out that the programs are entertainment, and when they are well sourced and their maker gets profits from ads and the water footprint, they are good and reassuring for users.

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The applications for converting images to cartoons have sparked controversy during the last period, and some experts have warned of them as unsafe and may steal photos and personal data.