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ثعبان يصدم سيدة بالخروج من المرحاض قبل جلوسها

Colors of the homeland | Breathtaking video.. a snake hits a woman by exiting the toilet before she sits

Difficult situations that people are exposed to from time to time, but the strangest and most horrific of which is a 34-year-old woman was exposed to a shocking surprise when she discovered a huge snake came out of her private toilet a few moments after entering it.

Laura Tranter was shocked, after she went to use her toilet at the beginning of this week, to find a huge snake inside her toilet, which prompted her to quickly contact one of the animal welfare associations, in order to save her from that. SerpentAccording to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Her boyfriend thought she was drunk and refused to help her

Laura, from the British city of Stourbridge, was surprised that the association that can catch the snake, would not open until seven in the morning, so she had to contact one of her friends to help her, according to what she recounted: “I think I drank alcohol, and he didn’t believe it.”

Laura recounted that she woke up at half past five in the morning to go to the toilet, and was shocked to see his head coming out of the toilet: “She frightened me so much, I almost sat on the snake, but I closed the bathroom door without believing the truth of the matter, so much so that I opened the door again to make sure Being in the toilet.”

After her boyfriend, who lives 20 minutes away, refused to help her, Laura had to wait for the association that specialized in it, saying, “I think the snake was stuck in my toilet, because it was so fat and stuck in the middle, that it could not get out or come back.”

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Upon its arrival, the association was unable to get the snake out, except by putting washing liquid in the toilet, to help its exit, according to what one of the association’s employees told, explaining: “Perhaps someone was raising it as a pet, but decided to get rid of it, to reach the lady’s toilet. Through the sewers, but I really don’t understand what happened, but we caught him in the end.”