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ضياء علي في إحدى فعاليات مبادرته

Colors of the homeland | Diaa, a young man in his twenties in Giza, launches an initiative to simplify astronomy for children

Under the slogan “Astronomy is the half of all the governorates of Egypt”, the young man in his twenties, Diaa Ali, the son of Giza Governorate, launched an initiative that aims to provide astronomy in a simplified way to children for free, through a number of activities and practical experiences that suit their age stages, until the number of beneficiaries of it has reached so far. About 150 boys and girls.

Dia and his love for astronomy

“Diaa”, the 24-year-old, told Al-Watan that although he obtained a Bachelor of Laws from Cairo University, since he was a student in the preparatory and secondary levels, he finds an inclination within him in everything related to astronomy, and that he was feeling That all the educational lessons he receives in these two stages are insufficient and presented in a traditional way that does not satisfy his desires, which prompted him to search by himself to delve deeper into this science and know its secrets.

“I began to answer and read many books, search on the Internet, and follow up on everything about space agencies.” Diaa said, and after a short period of time his tiredness was crowned by joining the Egyptian Society for Astronomy and Mars Society Egypt, a regional organization affiliated to a global organization in the United States of America that aims To explore and study the planet Mars, in addition to joining the “Spaceak” program of the Ministry of Youth and Sports: “Praise be to God, all this helped me to have greater experience and knowledge about astronomy.” To simplify astronomy and present it to children in ways that suit their age.

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The start of the initiative

The young man in his twenties started the first activities of his initiative in early 2021 at the Library of Egypt in Helmeyet El-Zeitoun neighborhood, Cairo Governorate, and through him he tried to introduce astronomy to children through some simple activities and experiments that increase their knowledge about the activities of the solar system and phases of the moon, in addition to the nature of life in space: “Children were They are very enjoying and happy and would like to know more, and the parents’ feedback was very encouraging,” and that it targets children from 4 years old to 12 years old.

The son of the Giza governorate was not satisfied with organizing the activities of his initiative in the governorates of Lower Egypt only, but during the past few days he targeted a number of scattered governorates throughout the Republic, trying to provide her children with a great knowledge about space and what is going on in it: “Praise be to God and thanks to our Lord, many people from governorates Different, especially Upper Egypt, they communicate with me that I am going to implement my initiative there,” and that his initiative, which he launched under the slogan “Astronomy is the half of all the governorates of Egypt,” has so far benefited nearly 150 boys and girls.