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Colors of the homeland | For “iPhone” users… 5 features you don’t know about your phone’s keyboard

The keyboard is the most used part of mobile phones, you use it when you write a message, when searching for something, or adding a specific post, etc., and despite its wide use, it has many features that many people do not know, such as accessing emojis very quickly, or Automatically adding the words you use a lot while typing, and so on, so we explain the most important features in the iPhone keyboards, during the following lines, according to the technical portal “aitnews”.

Create custom text shortcuts

This feature enables you to create specific words or phrases, to be automatically inserted as you need them when writing, and you can click on the suggestion to add them quickly without having to type the entire sentence, and to create custom text shortcuts, you must do the following:

  • Go to Settings and then choose General.
  • Click on the keyboard option and then choose “Text Replacement”.
  • Click on the plus + icon shown in the upper right.
  • Type in the “Phrase” field the full phrase you want, and write in the “Shortcut” field the abbreviation for that phrase.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Then just type the shortcut and you will see the full phrase appear above the keyboard, you can click on it to add it or click the space bar and it will be added automatically.

Autocorrect feature

The automatic correction feature corrects the error that you leave in the words, as soon as you press the space button, but this feature is not preferred by many, as a result of the inconvenience it causes them, so you can easily cancel it through the keyboard settings.

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Minimize the keyboard for one-handed typing

Some people prefer to type on the keyboard with both hands, but many prefer to write with one hand, and they may find it difficult, so there is a hidden feature that enables you to minimize the keyboard to make it easier to use, and to activate it, you just press and hold the globe icon, options will appear Select the direction in which you want the mini keyboard to appear.

Add «com.»

When you type an address for a website or email, you’ll need to enter the “.com” symbol, and you can speed up the process by adding that symbol, or similar characters such as net. or edu. or org. Or us, easily without having to type it letter by letter, by pressing the period key for a long time, then choose the word you want.

Access to additional symbols and letters

The iPhone keyboard contains a lot of hidden keys that you can find, by long pressing on them, when you press and hold over the letter (a), (e) or (i), other forms of those letters will appear to you, and when you press and hold over the dollar sign You will see more signs for different currencies.