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جانب من الاحتفال

Colors of the homeland | Foreigners draw the Egyptian flag on their faces and take souvenir photos for the celebrations

Foreign tourists of various nationalities participated in the celebrations to commemorate the October Victory on the beaches of the Hawaiian area in Hurghada, carrying Egyptian flags, and swayed to the tunes of patriotic songs amid the applause and enthusiasm of the Egyptians celebrating.

and tightened celebrations Presenting baked goods in the form of small tanks adorned with the Egyptian flag and a picture of the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat. Mostafa Nassar, director of a tourist hotel in Hurghada, said that a group of tourist hotels was keen to prepare a celebration on the occasion of the October Victory Day on the beaches, with the participation of Egyptian and foreign guests of various nationalities. Nassar indicated to “Al-Watan” that the Rababa and Baladi Musical Ensemble was specially prepared to celebrate the anniversary of the great victory within the celebration’s paragraphs, which included dancing in the skirt and broadcasting national songs.

Rababa and flute to celebrate “October” on the beaches of Hurghada

Ali Mohamed, director of one of the tourist hotels participating in the celebrations, added that foreign tourists were keen to participate in the celebration and offer congratulations when they knew that the celebration was on the occasion of the great October victory, pointing out that foreign tourism is witnessing a boom during the current period, coinciding with the high rates of foreign tourism movement from Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, as well as Russia and most recently Germany.

Ahmed Hassani, a general chef in a tourist hotel in Hurghada, explained that a large cake was prepared in the form of the Suez Canal. and tank With baked goods on it the picture of the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat and a cake with Egyptian flags and congratulations on the great victory, pointing out that the participating tourists were keen to take souvenir photos and publish them on their pages on social networking sites, which reflects the greatness of Egypt and the pride of Egyptians in the memory of the great October victory.

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