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الشعر يخرج من القبر

Colors of the homeland | “Get out of her hair” .. A young man documents terrifying moments when he visits cemeteries in America (video)

A feeling of intense fear gripped a 37-year-old young man, when he was visiting the grave of a relative, to see something strange coming out of another cemetery.

Joel Morrison was visiting a cemetery in California when he walked near a grave believed to be 100 years old, and he found something very terrifying, as he noticed hair coming out of the grave strangely, according to the British “LadBabel” website.

Joel tells, through the video clip that his sister posted on her account on “Tik Tok”, that a large part of the hair was coming out of the grave: “When I first saw it, I was shocked and not entirely sure what I was seeing was real, but upon closer examination, I realized It is definitely human hair coming out of the grave.”

Tweet embed My brother found this annoying part of the hair while on a trip to the cemetery! # NSumbleweave #NSemitter #NSorpse #gRave #gruss #NSTF#NSmg Original sound – Kaitlynn Erbeznik

Hair coming out of the cemetery causes panic

“After I calmed down, I felt a sense of sadness and distress towards the deceased family members and concern about the maintenance of the cemetery.” With these words, the young man in his thirties expressed what he felt, as he felt that the dead were being disrespected or desecrated in some way: “After further inspection, I found other surprises, There were many other graves that were destroyed by squirrels and other animals and overgrown trees, which damaged them. Grave It has animals and rodents inside itself,” he told the British website.

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The young man decided to go back to check the cemetery again another day, but found that Poetry He was pushed back into the crevice, something he thought might have been made by the guard.

The video of the young man from the cemetery has gained more than a million and a half views, in addition to 290,000 likes, and many comments that came as follows: “This is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen,” “This is strange,” “Perhaps an animal found a hole in the grave, and tried Exhuming the corpse to make a bed in its nest.”

The young man stated that he plans to take a hair sample from inside the cemetery, to the coroner’s office to determine whether it is human or not.