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لحظة ابتلاع وحش البحر العملاق لسمكة قرش

Colors of the homeland | Giant sea monster swallows a shark in one gulp

A frightening moment was documented by one of the cameras, amid the astonishment of a number of fishermen, whose details revolve around a shark being attacked by a huge marine creature that swallowed it in the blink of an eye.

Details of a huge creature swallowing a shark

According to the newspaper, “The Daily Star”, the video showed fishing captain John Brossard and his crew trying to ride a small shark off the coast of Goodland in Florida, in the United States, but then they noticed three ominous dark shadows, which indicate fish “Goliath Atlantic Grouper”.

Suddenly, an Atlantic fish rose to the surface and swallowed the shark in one gulp. “We were basically fishing,” recalls 57-year-old John. sharkSuddenly two or three Goliaths appeared under the boat, waiting for our catch.

“We were using a 50-pound test line and that wasn’t enough,” John said, estimating that the giant grouper was at least 500 pounds (35 degrees) while the black shark was about three feet long.

The fishing captain added that they were hunting in a place that could pose a danger to even the most feared predators.

Bull sharks a hearty meal for crocodiles

He continued, “There are sharks, crocodiles, snakes, dolphins and manatees in one place… It is the only place in the world that contains all these creatures in one area and everyone there is trying to eat everything else.”

The fishing captain continued, “Bull sharks were seen sometimes eaten by crocodiles, and sharks were eaten by large fish there.”