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نبيل أيوب.. موديل إعلانات

Colors of the homeland | Grandfather Nabil “Model” Sixty “Crazy Girls” .. with white hair and green eyes

“Are you related? I wish all men would do like you, how are you like this?” and many other comments reach Nabil Ayoub, a model, from girls and women who struggle to comment on all his pictures on his account and the various groups on the social networking site “Facebook”, As an expression of their admiration for his interest in his appearance, shape and graceful body, despite his advanced age and approaching the 60-year-old barrier.

Nabil Ayoub, 58, is a father and grandfather. He spent a long working life in the field of tourism, before turning to the modeling field only one year ago. During this short period, he presents dozens of advertisements, in addition to a documentary film and his participation in the series “Case 404”, which is scheduled His show will start soon, according to what “Gedo Nabil” tells, as many know him, in his conversation with “Al-Watan”.

The story of “Grandfather Nabil” with the world of modeling began with two pictures

The story of “Nabil” with the world of “modelling”, began with two pictures that his son published through one of the “modeling” groups.FacebookAnd the great interaction that the two pictures reaped, made Nabil’s son realize that his father is fit for this world, so he offered his father to put his pictures on the websites specialized in the model, in addition to his data and means of contacting him. Then the son and father were surprised by many communications asking “Nabil” in He worked: “When my son offered me to do this, I objected. On the contrary, I was very welcome, and I did not care about people’s words or any frustrating opinions.”

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By heading to this field, Nabil tries to assure everyone that getting old does not mean the end of life, but rather a good opportunity to start a new life without fear of people’s words or ridicule and criticism: “It is very important for as long as you live, you do what you like. For you, you do not have an invitation to anyone. If you are attached to the gallows, people, you will find from them who say that this is weighted by the gallows, as you do what you like as long as you agree to your Lord and your conscience.”

“Grandfather Nabil” supports all talented people and cooperates with them, even if for free

Grandfather “Nabil” does not mind offering his services to anyone Gifted In this field without pay and completely free of charge, as long as he saw in him the real talent and that he had a different vision and creative ideas: “I work in this job, not for the purpose of the subject. In contrast, as happened in the series (Case 404), the owner of the noble cause, and the one who conveys the problems of people of determination and special abilities.”