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Colors of the homeland | “iCloud storage is full.” Easy ways to get rid of an annoying message

“iCloud storage space is full.” It is a very annoying sign, as it makes iPhone users feel confused because it instructs to activate the emergency state to clean the phone of old things.

Provides the latest version of «iPhone 13 ProUp to terabytes of storage space inside the device, which is a very large space, but for users who do not have this new model, there are simple tricks to free up space on your iCloud without deleting photos or things you want to keep, according to the newspaper “The Sun.” British.

Simple items that can be deleted easily

Sometimes users do not even realize that there are a lot of easy deleting that can give iCloud some space, they just have to go to Settings and then iCloud tab, in it they will see a graphic representation of what is taking up a lot of space in iCloud.

Long videos, downloaded movies, and video editing files are big chunks of data, video can be up to 5GB if the resolution is high and iMovie files are bigger, and deleting a movie you watched or a clip you don’t need is an easy decision if you need the space.

Delete old conversations from your phone

Likewise, text messages can easily accumulate over a few months or years, and deleting old conversations from your phone, computer, and iCloud can help free up device space faster.

The iPhone’s camera is one of its best features, as the camera can do a lot and take up a lot of storage space to do so, and one of the tools that influencers are sure to know is Burst mode, which when enabled can take many photos in quick succession, as hundreds can be captured Take pictures in seconds, which would take up a lot of space, but it’s easy to delete these fake snapshots when choosing the best among them.

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The benefit of freeing up storage space on the iPhone

If a user can’t afford to give up some of their cherished digital data, they can turn some of them into a new cloud. Both Google and Amazon offer iOS-enabled photo storage services, but for a fee.

It is worth noting that freeing up space is great for improving the speed and overall health of the iPhone, so the user should keep this in mind, carefully choosing the items that they actually need to store.