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كشف لغز الناجي الوحيد في أسبانيا

Colors of the homeland | “Informed young man.” Who is the only survivor, “Javier” who claimed life in 2027?

A global uproar caused by the Spanish young man “Javier” recently, after he claimed that he was in a coma and woke up from it to find himself living in the year 2027, alone in a world without humans, to start filming several videos documenting the truth of his words and publishing them on his personal page on the “Tech” website. Talk.” The videos received rejection and skepticism from some, and certain requests from others to prove the validity of his words, so that the young man fulfills all the requests that were asked of him, such as filming in a metro station or from inside a police station.

In a short period of time, the Sole Survivor account has more than three million followers and more than 600 million views between TikTok and Instagram, according to the production company, the penetration of the story is particularly large in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Spain.

Despite the mystery surrounding the novels of the Spanish young man, the truth of these videos, which sparked widespread controversy during the past days, was revealed by the Spanish “audiovisual451” website, on the first of last June.

And “audiovisual451” explained that the videos belong to a marketing idea for the Spanish company “Beta Spain”, which will produce the “Lone Survivor” series, and is linked to the videos that Javier published on his page on “Tik Tok” in different places, stressing that everything that happened is nothing but Promotional campaign for the series.

Who is the only survivor in 2027?

But who is the young “Javier”, “Al-Watan” searched for the name that has been repeated a lot recently, and was associated with the videos, which turned out to be “Javier Perez de Silva”, the co-founder and CEO of the audiovisual production company “beta spain”, a company Linked in Spain to the most important Spanish language communications group in the world such as the Mexican multinational Televisa, the competition produces great entertainment in Spain “Little Giants Get up”, reality TV “I’m News, Cabo Vadillo, Spain on the Sky, Gypsy Word”, and “Los Gipsy Kings”, fantasy items like “With Donkey in the Air and Jim Tony” and cinema like “For Nothing” meanwhile, some of his formats enjoy great international success.

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Before leading the company with his partners, Javier held the position of Director of Programs at El Mundo TV, Managing Director of P52 and Pulso TV and CEO of Fremantle Media in Spain, and wrote a lot about television such as “TV is dead, TV simply said,” and is an expert in International Markets He is the creative mind behind hundreds of hours of successful television in Spain.

Javier teaches audiovisual production course at Centro Villanueva College of Communication

Javier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master’s degree in Television Companies from the Instituto Empresa, and has worked as an Associate Professor at the College of Communication at the University of Navarra and the College of Communication at CEU San Pablo. Centro Villanueva College of Communication, in addition to participating as a visiting professor in several master’s programs throughout Spain.

Beta Spain commented in a press release last June, “This incredible story of mystery, adventure, and science fiction has attracted worldwide attention due to the aesthetics of its videos, in which no people or animals appear, giving the story tremendous honesty. Beta Spain is already immersed in development Adaptation and sale as a TV series from Unique Survivor.