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Colors of the homeland | Is Neptune the closest planet to the sun? .. Fact or myth?

The planet Neptune is known to be one of the interesting planets in our solar system, as scientists called it “ice giants”, although this term is often used to describe planets outside the solar system, but there are many questions revolving around this planet that Is Neptune the closest planet to the sun or not?

Is Neptune the closest planet to the sun?

It is necessary to know that the planet Neptune was seen with the help of a telescope, and was not discovered until 1846, and many of these planets have their own entourage of various moons, and this planet is classified as among the outer planets as well as planets Saturn Uranus and Jupiter. These planets are gas giants that contain a large amount of hydrogen, helium and some solid and small nuclei. They are also called Jovian planets, according to NASA.

In answer to the question: Is Neptune the closest planet to the sun? You should know that the planet has been classified among the outer planets, since its orbits are farther from the sun than the Earth’s orbit, so Mercury is the closest to the sun, given that the distance between them ranges between 46 and 70 One million kilometers, which makes it the deepest planet in the solar system.

closest planet to earth

Despite the various studies about the closest planet to Earth, Mercury is the closest planet to our world, due to the planet being the closest to the sun as well, and it has the smallest orbit among all the planets of the solar system, and thus is the closest to the sun most of the time, in When Venus is located about 48 miles away.

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Life on Neptune

According to the “Sputnik” website, Neptune is known to be a cold, dark planet, with winds that exceed the speed of wool and reach 2,000 km / h (1,200 mph), and thus faster than the maximum speed of some combat aircraft, if the pressure does not cause When you die, these high winds will most likely do the job, and a day on Neptune lasts for 16 Earth hours, but your life there won’t last a single second.

Returning to the question, is Neptune the closest planet to the sun? It must be emphasized that Mercury It is the closest planet to the sun, and it has two types of association with it, one of them: the lower conjunction, which occurs when the planet passes between the sun and the earth, and the other is known as the upper coupling, which occurs when the earth and the other planet are on opposite sides of the sun.