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طعامًا واحدًا لا تتناوله أبدًا على الفطار: يسبب السرطان والتهاب كلوي

Colors of the homeland | One food you never eat for breakfast: It causes cancer and kidney inflammation

Many types of foods that millions of people are accustomed to eating at breakfast, including jam, eggs, turkey and white cheese, and beans, but there is one type of food that should not be eaten during breakfast and should not be eaten at all due to its catastrophic damage to the body.

And nutrition experts at the University of Texas, America, warned that one type of food negatively affects the body and causes health damage, possibly to the point of cancer due to chemical reactions that occur inside it, according to “Sky News.”

The researcher, “Maria Fence,” explained that many people tend to eat the bread Toasts are like toasted toast, but they do not know the danger they expose themselves to: “The most dangerous thing about a toaster is that it causes rapid reactions and sends toxic particles into the air as soon as it is turned on. In addition, toasting a slice of bread to the point of burning is harmful to health.”

The researcher warned of the burning link the bread Cancer diseases, because of the chemical reactions to which living is exposed as a result of burning, and it is preferable to heat it only, whether toast or other types of bread.

Professor of Food Science: Toasted living is very dangerous to health

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hofi, professor of food sciences at Ain Shams University, explained that if any starchy substance is exposed to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, i.e. to the point of burning, a reaction occurs in the components of living due to the high heat and results in acrylamide compounds: Human”.

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Speaking to Al-Watan, the professor of food sciences said that acrylamide is caused by high heat in cooking starches and causes nitrogen breakdown and thus constitutes a burden on the kidneys, as nitrogenous compounds may lead to acute and chronic kidney infection: “The brown layer that remains on Living as a result of burning, causing types of cancer in the long term, and it is not beneficial for us to eat burnt or toasted bread of any kind.”