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كوكب «TOI-2109b» الجديد

Colors of the homeland | The discovery of a planet alien to the known solar system .. a year on it equals 16 hours

Astronomers broke a new record by discovering a new gas giant planet with the shortest known orbit, taking only 16 hours to orbit its star, meaning that a year on its surface equals 16 hours.

The newly announced exoplanet belongs to a class that scientists refer to as “hot Jupiter.” These worlds are built more or less like the giant of our solar system, but orbit near their stars, hence the name.

Although astronomers have identified more than 400 planet A hot buyer so far, but the researchers say nothing quite like the new discovery, which has been called TOI-2109b, according to live science.

How did scientists discover the new planet?

“Since we’ve spotted it, everything has been consistent with it being a planet, and we’ve realized we have something very interesting and relatively rare,” said Avi Schpurer, an exoplanet scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and co-author of the new research. collected by Satellite A survey of transiting exoplanets called NASA’s TESS.

The TESS satellite is designed to detect planets orbiting their stars very quickly, since the telescope stares at one spot of the sky for about a month before moving forward.

TESS doesn’t see planets directly. Instead, it monitors small regular dips in brightness that indicate a planet between the telescope and the star, and in the case of TOI-2109b, these dips came every 16 hours, faster than any gas giant planet scientists have discovered so far. .

The star of the planet is located about 855 light years from Earth in the constellation Hercules, and after the researchers spotted the signal, they recruited other telescopes to verify the star, which is called “TOI-2109” (TOI means TESS Object of Interest), according to the study. Published in the astronomical magazine recently.

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The new planet “TOI-2109b” and its strange characteristics

The qualities of this planet made its discoverer describe it as strange, saying: “This is really strange, since the beginning of the science of exoplanets, hot Jupiters are seen as strange balls, so how does a large planet like this reach that its orbit does not exceed a period of a few days? ? We don’t have anything like this in our solar system, and we see this as an opportunity to study it.”

TOI-2109b has a mass about 5 times the mass of the planet Jupiter in our solar system, and the size of the star it orbits is twice the size and mass of our sun, and the new planet also appears to be the second hottest known exoplanet, with daytime temperatures reaching nearly Approximately 3300 degrees Celsius.