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Colors of the homeland | The discovery of two new planets that are very similar to Earth… Is there human life?

A new discovery joins the record of space scientists, as they have found two new super-planets that are very similar to Earth, and they orbit around a nearby dwarf star that could provide vital clues in the search for extraterrestrial beings.

While it is unlikely that these worlds would be habitable as we know them, these two planets and their star are among the closest multi-world systems to Earth, only 33 light-years away from Earth.

The two planets orbit a star named HD 260655

It makes the entire system an excellent target for further research, in part because it could contain more planets, including possibly a habitable satellite.

“There are many multi-planet systems that host five or six planets, especially around young stars like this, but we hope to find more, and one might be in This area is habitable, so this is optimistic thinking.”

The star that the two new Earth-like planets orbit around is called star HD 260655, and it’s cooler and dimmer than the Sun, and the planets’ proximity to this star means that worlds will be too hot for life.

Temperatures on the two new planets

The first planet is called HD 260655b and has an average temperature of about 435 degrees Celsius, while the second is called HD 260655c and it is more moderate, but it reaches 284 degrees Celsius.

“We consider this range to be outside the habitable zone, because it is too hot for liquid water to exist at the surface,” said astronomer Michele Kunimoto of MIT’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research. And its brightness will give an insight into the properties of the planets and the signs of any atmospheres they might have.”

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