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السوشيال ميديا تطارد حسن شاكوش بسبب تيشيرت المثليين

Colors of the homeland | The fact that Hassan Shakoush wears a “t-shirt” bearing the gay flag: he or he is not

A sensation aroused by social media pioneers, on various social media platforms, due to the circulation of an image of a person who looks very similar to festival singer Hassan Shakoush, wearing a T-shirt bearing some colors of the gay flag.

The great similarity in the facial features between Hassan Shakoush and the person whose image is circulating, prompted the pioneers of social networking sites, to believe that the famous Turkish actor, Faik Ergin, is the Egyptian festival singer, to start mocking and attacking campaigns against him.

Social Media is chasing Hassan Shakoush because of the gay “T-shirt”

And one of the social media pages mocked the picture, commenting on it: “Shakosh Beck, do not leave me like this,” to comment on it from the followers, where an account called Muhammad Dahi commented, saying: “Is the flag on this T-shirt, or not?? Ah, and the Prophet is.”

And another account said: “He is Hassan Shakoush, who wore the flag of Rimbo, nor am I Bethili,” and an account called “Nawal Hamdi” mocked using a picture, saying: “Shakoush has colors left?”

Suspicion also entered the mind of “Sarah Ramadan” as soon as she saw the picture before she realized that the picture was for someone other than Shakoush, saying: “No, this is not Hassan Shakoush. He is really the first thing I saw in the picture with features from him, but when I checked more, I found him not.”

The image belongs to the famous actor Faik Ergin, in which the Turkish actress Hazal Kaya appears with him, and the pioneers of the social media had previously sung about it in 2020, but once the image was circulated again, it sparked controversy because of the similarity with «Hammer».

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Also, the T-shirt image of the Turkish actor does not have the rainbow colors that represent the gay flag, or as it is called “rembo”, but rather appears in four colors: red, orange, yellow and blue.