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«المتسولة المليونيرة» تمتلك 4 سيارات فارهة ودخلها الشهري بالآلاف

Colors of the homeland | “The Millionaire Beggar” owns 4 luxury cars, and her monthly income is in the thousands

She always sits on the street, dressed in very shabby clothes, peeking at passersby, waiting for someone to pat her with a little money, all she aspires to is to return with enough money, but she hides behind an innocent face, the truth of her identity.

A beggar on the streets of Jordan used to sympathize with passers-by and play with their feelings by stirring mercy in their hearts, as she is a homeless person in the streets, sometimes asking for money to buy food, and sometimes asking for treatment.

Endless arguments and excuses you make up the beggar Always to get what she wants, and she travels between different streets so as not to be exposed, and draws the threads of her plan tightly to entrap passers-by who sympathize with her body of all ages and nationalities.

The beggar used to deceive passersby to gain their sympathy

At the end of each day, she goes to change her “work” clothes, after she practiced beggary as a profession whose profit is guaranteed, and changed her entire body to become an elegant society woman, wearing the most expensive clothes, to deserve the title of “millionaire beggar,” according to the Jordanian newspaper, Al-Ghad.

That title was not acquired by the Jordanian lady in vain, but rather she earned it with merit, as the beggar The one who aroused the sympathy of passersby on the streets of the Jordanian capital, Amman, owns a very profitable private business, in addition to several cars of her own.

The beggar owns 4 cars

Maher Klub, director of the Directorate of Combating Beggary, at the Ministry of Social Development in the Kingdom, says that the teams catching beggars have intensified their rounds since the beginning of this year until now, and nearly 10,600 beggars have been arrested, the largest number of whom are concentrated in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and the North Region, including the beggar Millionaire.

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“By disclosing her data as a routine procedure, we found that she possesses wealth and claims poverty.” When the millionaire beggar was seized and transferred to the competent authorities, many properties registered in her name were found: “She owns 4 cars, in addition to a commercial register for a nursery, and her monthly income reaches 1500 dinars. From the nursery only,” according to the director of the Directorate of Combating Beggary, in the Ministry of Social Development in the Kingdom.