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سر لغز صورة نشرتها «ناسا» من على سطح كوكب المريخ

Colors of the homeland | The mystery of the mystery of a picture published by “NASA” from the surface of the planet Mars, and it caused an uproar

A sensation spread on social networking sites during the past few days, after the American space and navigation agency “NASA” published a picture from the surface of Mars, as many of them wondered about this picture and what it would be until some described it as a “carved portal”.

The reason for describing the image as “a carved gate”

In the photo, published by NASA, through its account, a mountain appears with a small door in the middle that appears to lead to a road inside the mountain, which made many “Social Media” activists describe it as a “sculpted gate”, but the US Space and Navigation Agency clarified The image that caused the uproar was taken from the surface of Mars on May 7, by the camera of the robot Curtisi, according to Al Arabiya.

It is reported that NASA intends to carry out a mission that revolves around simulating the planet Mars for a full year, and therefore announced earlier that it is looking for healthy, non-smoking American citizens to carry out this mission, provided that they are not among the ordinary candidates for astronauts.

Mars simulation mission

Despite the specifications set by the American Space and Navigation Agency for these participants in this mission, it will not be an actual mission in outer space, but will take place in a unit of more than 500 square meters, and will last for a whole year, provided that the crew consists of 4 people, Monitoring the health and performance of crew members will be explored.

The role of the individuals participating in this mission is to conduct scientific experiments and make contact with “Earth,” in addition to simulating spacewalks; All of which are based on NASA’s desire to prepare lessons for real-life challenges posed by future missions to Mars.

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