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Colors of the homeland | Urgent warning of a geomagnetic storm heading towards Earth.. I know how dangerous it is

Satellites dedicated to observing the sun recorded a coronal mass ejection, which is a cloud of ionized gas, leaving the sun a few hours ago and heading directly to Earth, known as a geomagnetic storm or solar storm.

According to the Jeddah Astronomical Society, on its Facebook page, storm cloudis the result of a long-period C2 solar flare near sunspot AR2962.

Dangerous geomagnetic storm

Class “C” flares are usually not considered strong, however, this lasted nearly 12 hours, which allowed him to pump a lot of energy into the coronal mass ejection, according to the Jeddah Astronomical Society: geomagnetic storms “Medium-strength G2 class, when the coronal mass ejection arrives, the aurora lights may appear and there are no other effects.”

When will the geomagnetic storm arrive on Earth?

As for the date of the arrival of the geomagnetic storm to the magnetic field of the Earth, it will be determined at a later time after reviewing satellite data, since there is no specific date yet for the storm.

A team of experts had issued a warning of a solar storm, which may strike the Earth in the coming days, after the sun launched a huge ball of plasma towards the planet, according to “Russia Today”: “CME emission occurs when the sun emits a cloud of charged particles and electromagnetic fluctuations. ».

And experts at the “space weather” website confirmed that the coronal mass emission will pass close to the Earth, and is likely to deal a quick blow to our planet’s magnetic field, so sky watchers in the Arctic must be alert to the possibility of the aurora brightness when the coronal mass emission arrives. .

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