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Colors of the homeland | Urgent warning to all iPhone users in the world .. «Update your phones immediately»

The American company, “Apple” issued a new warning after it released an emergency update to fix serious security errors found in “iPhone” phones, that hackers can use these errors to infiltrate devices, as the company revealed that there are two errors that allow malicious applications to execute arbitrary code with privileges called “kernel.” .

New warning details

That warning means hackers can use apps to target deep parts of any iPhoneWorse, Apple says it is aware of reports that “the problem may have been actively exploited” by fraudsters.

It has also been reported Apple company” The new update fixes vulnerabilities that are among the “zero-day” errors, meaning that the bug was present and likely exploited before the fix was available, but fortunately it is now possible to patch the vulnerabilities just by updating your iPhone.

As for how to update an iPhone to avoid the dangers of security holes that Apple has spotted, there is a quick way to implement it, which is by going to Settings, then selecting General, and then clicking on Software Update.

One of the best defenses against hackers is regularly updating your iPhone. It’s how Apple delivers vital security updates that protect users. These updates squash bugs that criminals can exploit.

Although the user also needs strong passwords across their online accounts, but security updates are also key, and each user must turn on automatic updates for the “iPhone” so that they always have the latest updates, but it is worth checking manually after new updates as well, to make sure Get it as quickly as possible.

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Devices with the new update available

According to Apple, this latest issue was reported by an anonymous researcher, and they supposedly fixed the issue with the new update called iOS 15.4.1 which is available for the following devices:

iPhone 6S or later iPad Pro (all models)

iPad Air 2 or later iPad 5th generation or later iPad mini 4 or later iPod touch (7th generation)

If your device no longer supports iOS updates, consider upgrading very soon to avoid major cybersecurity risks.