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Colors of the homeland | “Wearing fish and gold”… Strange looks for the stars on Fashion Night at the Metropolitan Museum

The biggest fashion night was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which saw celebrities arrive on the red carpet, according to The Guardian.

mermaid dress

The star Olivia Rodrigo drew the attention of the cameras, and was the talk of the social media because of her appearance, which some linked to the famous animated movie “Ariel” Mermaid».

gold plated body

Cara Delevingne also donned a red silk jumpsuit, ditching the jacket to reveal her gold-plated body, for an absolutely gold look.

Among the distinctive and striking looks, was Kylie Jeans, who wore a wedding dress and a baseball cap.

Kim Kardashian look

view Kim kardashian It also received the comments of some, as one of the followers on Twitter said, “Kim Kardashian wears the same Bob Mackie dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy.”

Men’s suit and gill clothes

A men’s suit, mustache and black manicure, Jesse Buckley showed off during fashion night, and Frederick Robertson wore a gill-shaped outfit.