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ليجو ترسله وكالة ناسا إلى الفضاء

Colors of the homeland | Why does NASA send shoes and toys to space? The answer will surprise you

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) trips into space do not stop in attempts to discover it and dispel the mystery around it.

In addition, NASA is keen to transfer some human holdings to space, not only as an attempt to find out the possibility of building human life in space, but to be a legacy for future generations, from which they know that their ancestors tried to use science to develop their lives.

Pins, flags and medals in space

Recently, NASA officials said that they are in the process of launching a new rocket into space, and this rocket will include a group of collectibles such as 245 silver pins, pebbles collected from the Dead Sea, and 567 American flags, in addition to something that may seem funny to some, which is a medal on the The shape of the famous cartoon character shaun the sheep, and space science badges for girls who love Scouting.

NASA explained that the flight tools on which the flight will depend is a time capsule, and the agency indicated that the tools are not only physical objects, but some of them represent a cultural and educational symbol, and they are the fruit of cooperation between the agency and other institutions that are also interested in science and technology.

Sending human shoes into space

And the history of NASA does not stop in sending human collectibles that are believed to be strange to space. Before, a miniature model of the dog-shaped “snoopy” was sent, as well as 4 small pieces of Lego after they were installed in the form of people.

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Some astronauts mentioned the fact that human belongings were sent into space, the most prominent of whom were astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, both of whom have children who love dinosaur games, which made the parents decide to carry with them toys in the form of dinosaurs during their trips in space, and “Bob” said During his journey in a capsule in space, he decided to take his son’s toy in the shape of a dinosaur and leave it in space, and the picture he took of those toys in space was for him an amazing thing.

Astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman mentioned that the Space Shuttle Discovery was sent in 1985 loaded with 11 toys, and that was the first time that toys were sent into space, and it was for a scientific purpose, which is to show physics to show the effects of weightlessness in space.

NASA indicated that if the current rocket mission succeeds, a trip to the moon will be organized within two years from now, at which time human shoes will be sent with the trip.