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Colors of the homeland | Your email may be a trap to steal your money .. a warning from “Microsoft”

The American company “Microsoft” issued a frightening warning to users of “Gmail” and “Outlook” in the whole world, as security researchers at the giant American technology company detected a large-scale scam targeting users of the famous email platforms.

The phishing campaign targets individuals and institutions in an attempt to steal people’s money, and in a report published this week, researchers revealed Microsoft How the scam, dubbed BulletProofLink, led to the theft of victims, reports The Sun.

“BulletProofLink” is a service currently advertised on secret cybercrime forums, priced at $800, and fraudsters can purchase data, email templates, and automated services at a relatively low cost.

How do BulletProofLink owners hack their victims?

And about how to hack email with this service, hackers can use these tools to target victims around the world with messages E-mail Phishing Phishing attacks usually appear as a trusted company, such as your bank, in order to get money or private information from you.

With over 100 phishing models available that mimic well-known brands and services, the BulletProofLink process is responsible for many of the phishing campaigns affecting organizations today.

Services that attackers defraud victims include creating a web page to host a phishing site

“BulletProofLink uses multiple attack groups in one-time or monthly subscription-based business models, driving a steady revenue stream for its operators,” Microsoft said.

Services that attackers defraud victims include creating a web page to host a phishing site, sending phishing emails to wanted victims, and collecting credentials from attacks.

Many of the attacks involved stealing logins to other sites and services, which could then be sold on the dark web.

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BulletProofLink is believed to have more than 1,600 members, all of whom purchase stolen passwords and phishing services, and Microsoft published the results to warn the broader security community of the group’s existence.