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Comedy Rashwan Tawfik and the suffering of people with special abilities… Notes on the first episode of “Awad and Sala” | news

The first episode of the story “Awada and Sala” was shown, the third story of the series “My Part and Your Division 4”, yesterday evening, Saturday, December 11, via the ON channel.

And the story “Awada and Hall” starring Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Rashwan Tawfiq, Inam Salousa, Shahista Saad, Mohamed Azmy, Farid Al Noqrashi and Ahmed Khaled, written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin and directed by Essam Nassar.

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After the episode was shown, we had some comments:

poor family

The events revolve around the family of “Hadi” Ahmed Abdel Aziz, a security man works in a real estate, a widower who lives with his three children and the father and mother of his deceased wife, a poor man who suffers from trying to find money to meet the needs of his family, who owes installments for electrical appliances and a tuk-tuk that his son works on.

Comedy Rashwan Tawfik

Rashwan Tawfiq appears in the character of “Hajj Shata”, a kind old man, who all the time forgets everyone around him. He sits next to the window of the house to talk to passersby, or contradicts the vegetable seller, in comic situations that bring him together with the artist An’am Salousa, who embodies the role of his wife, to be a different return to Rashwan. Tawfiq for Drama.

A look at the suffering of people with special abilities

The story sheds light on the suffering of people with special needs through the character of “Said”, the third son of “Hadi”, a young man with special abilities who feels that he is a burden on his family and tries to help his father with anything he wants to work with so that his pregnancy will ease.

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Egyptian warm atmosphere

Hadi lives in a simple neighborhood whose residents know each other, and we see in the story the atmosphere of the Egyptian neighborhood, when Hadi needs medicine, he takes it without paying for it, taking into account his circumstances, everyone supports each other to pass any ordeal.

It is reported that the story “Ouda and Hall” is shown from Saturday to Wednesday via ON channel at 8 pm, 2 am, 1 pm, and via ON Drama channel 10 pm, 5 am, 10 am, 4 pm, and via MBC1 channel from Sunday to Thursday 4 pm , 3 am, 8 am.

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