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Komunikace na dálku se stává standardem.

Communication in the pandemic. Leading Microsoft teams in the Czech Republic, the world has achieved the controversial Zoom feature | Business

Prague Seeing and hearing your colleagues through a computer screen was part of the working lives of many people before pandemics. Video conferencing is used by companies all over the world. However, the evolution of the coronavirus has spread outside the corporate realm.

The American video conferencing platform Zoom was used by nearly ten million people every day last year. During the pandemic, the number of times increased by 30 times. According to the BBC, sales in the last month of fiscal year 2020 reached 19 billion kroner, which is over 350 percent in terms of first sales volume. In the free version, the call time is limited to 40 minutes and the conference can accommodate a maximum of 100 people. In the paid version, the cost of $ 150,350 (about 3,250,7,600 kronor) is limited by time and calls me and thousands of participants.

The epidemic spreads

The most popular platform in the world accompanied by many security controversies. The first public problem was the so-called Zoombombing, that is, a situation where foreigners enter a videoconference and there are pornography, games and racist attacks. It has gotten to the point that the US FBI warned about the device last year.

In April, it turned out that data transmission between users that passes through servers in some companies and government agencies in Taiwan, the USA, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom warned about Zoom. SpaceX has completely banned a billion employees from using the platform that has a link to it. Last year, an error occurred again in lt, thanks to which they were able to turn on the webcam on the MacBook without the user’s knowledge.

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Even though Eric Yuan founded Zoom in California in the back of the USA, we can come from it. Almost an aunt of his staff goes there and works there. Unlike other Zoom platforms, it first operates on the mainland. Yuan knows perfectly well the concerns of German influence, so he often asserts that since 2007, American society and citizenship have been Americans. Recently, according to the daily Kommersant, Zoom in Russia restricted access to its prominent government agencies and public companies. Behind this decision may be concerns about possible sanctions.

But it can certainly be described as a major pandemic. According to Yuan, Zoom’s revenue should grow to $ 3.7 billion (roughly 80 billion kroner) this year.

Not at Microsoft

As indicated by EmailToolTester, Microsoft Teams is the most popular video conferencing tool in the Czech Republic. Usage accounted for 32%, while Skype and Zoom accounted for 22%. On the other hand, World Zoom has a share of less than 49 percent, and the second climax is Dr. Google Meet with 22 percent dark.

At the end of last year, about 115 million people participated in the first teams every day. In just two years, it was only 20 million. In addition to classic video calls, the platform allows you to chat with colleagues, share files, and collaborate on documents online in real time. When you fill out video chats, you can link to Outlook Calendar and other Microsoft Teams apps.

The Teams app connects the giant Microsoft with its Balk Office. According to the operator, Slack is more than one communication software, darkening its dominant position in the market. Microsoft forces the Office user to install Teams and blocks their deletion.

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Google Meet lets you create video conferencing with a large number of employees and they don’t even have to be a Google business customer. Additionally, it also displays the mobile app. The main feature of the service, unlike other services, is the first integration with Gmail and Google Calendar, when the hunter does not need to give the program and promise to create invitations, first other people and make a call.

According to development and personal data security expert Michel Back, all the platforms mentioned are similar in terms of security. Plus, zoom works extensively to eliminate errors. Security is always a relative concept, not an absolute concept. Zoom has given you a lot of better security. Michel Pike told that during these programs, he got to develop not only Keybase for safe chat, but also found the bugs below. And he admitted that Zoom used to communicate with mates and knees. It is considered that it is a great advantage that it is possible to hold a meeting with a thousand people.

Lusk’s year was extraordinary due to the pandemic, and now there is a rise in the number of people vowing to return to office. So give an idea of ​​whether video conferencing tools are sharp. The owner of Zoom does not think so. The ability to work for a long time basically from anywhere, thanks to emu is our future here, on Zoom. Yuan said we are fully aware of this new reality and will help our employees and customers adapt their work to their specific needs.

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