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Companies are trying to immunize people.  Unvaccinated people may be at risk of expulsion

Companies are trying to immunize people. Unvaccinated people may be at risk of expulsion

Google, Walmart or Disney. Large US companies that employ millions of employees have ordered them to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to work. According to the results of TV Nova, the same is already happening in the Czech Republic.

One of the employees explained, “Without vaccinations, they would not have let us go. Everyone went for vaccinations.”

But even lawyers do not agree on whether Czech law allows such a procedure at all. The lawyer explained: “The employer can change the requirements of its employees in certain operations. If the action is justified and non-discriminatory, it is also possible, if the person in question will not be able to move to another job, as well as dismissal.” Pavel Sukurach.

“No statutory regulation has been issued here and the employer has no right to impose obligations that would deviate or exceed what the law provides,” says attorney David Borovich.

Covid-19 is not included in the list of diseases for which vaccination is mandatory by law. “I don’t think there are currently examples where an employer can request vaccinations from their employee,” added HR specialist Peter Uthal.

“The employer must, of course, require evidence of infection, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a vaccination, a proven disease, or a test,” said Health Department spokesman Daniel Koppel.

If you do not have such confirmation, you can be transferred to another job or work from home based on an agreement. Some people prefer to submit voluntarily, while others may hesitate, even if asked.

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Vaccination cannot be requested according to Joseph Jarrush, member of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (AMSP). However, for small businesses, vaccination coverage is high:

However, the fact that there are few workers and it is difficult to find them is important to the employees. “Honestly, we take every hand and every leg that wants to work,” O’Tahal concluded.

To date, large Czech companies have successfully vaccinated employees. Otherwise, they will choose other measures. Companies can require their employees to use protective equipment strictly, or reintroduce mandatory testing.

Many companies try to get employees to be vaccinated fairly well, offering them various benefits. In some places there are a few extra days off, in others they offer monetary rewards for confirmation of vaccination.

Companies also provide career counseling to employees or launch their own vaccination campaigns. You will find more information in the following report: