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Companies want to go to trade fairs. The city where the action continues when you meet people who miss them

Brno trade fairs are yet to write off the autumn season. The international engineering fair should be held in November.
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In the Czech Republic, the Great Exhibition has not taken place in more than a year. For the exhibition operator, it is a good first idea to have a good first idea that despite promoting companies in a virtual environment, they definitely do not want to give up in-person meetings at trade shows.

According to a survey by Veletrhy Brno, which took place this year, 79 percent of the 800 companies surveyed have their share of exhibitions. A tradition associated with a number of Czech and Moravian cities, which for decades, does not even look like a coronavirus.

“Companies are noticeably feeling the loss of communication and new business problems occurring at the show. The fact that it cannot happen has increased the fair’s value in marketing and business strategy,” said Jaroslaw Blake, a company spokesman and author of the survey. According to him, the two are not a venue at trade fairs, where companies present new products to the public. It is a way to make as much contact as possible quickly and arrange deals that will come and go later. For example, only seven percent of companies consider trade fairs profitable.

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