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Comprehensive review of the Portal Go from Facebook

Launched a company Facebook Portal Go 3rd generation video calling device, a portable smart display designed to make video calling in your home easier. The new device marks the group’s first major update since 2019.

Portal Go Video Calling Device Review

the design

The Portal Go is a video calling device that you can easily carry around your home. The device is held via a charging stand when not in use.

And when a call comes in, you can grab it by the handle hidden in the back and move it wherever you want. One of the major improvements is the portability of the Portal Go that makes it much better than previous models.

The device features a beautiful exterior design that includes a gray fabric enclosure and rounded corners. These additions make it easy to hold the device or put it on your lap, which is important for a device that is meant to be portable.

The device comes with a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, with features such as automatic brightness, color adjustment and a night mode that reduces the amount of blue light in the evening.

And the volume controls are at the top with the button that disables the camera and microphone. This button turns red when they are disabled.

And if you want to leave the microphone on without the camera, you can slide the built-in cap over the lens to close it.

As a result, you can still use voice commands and make calls without worrying about being watched.

Perform video calls via Portal Go

Portal Go requires a Facebook account, and you can choose to integrate a WhatsApp or Workplace account as well.

The device comes with a 12MP wide angle lens paired with AI-assisted technology, which automatically pans and zooms to keep you in frame.

You can also double-tap someone’s face to focus on them. The auto pan and zoom feature works with third-party video apps such as Zoom and GoToMeeting.

The video quality is great as it performs well in different lighting conditions, even in relatively low light conditions.

The device also makes clear video calls. You can easily hear who you’re chatting with whether you’re right in front of the screen or far away in the same room.

The device contains Watch Together Which supports watching videos through Facebook’s Watch service.

In addition there are augmented reality technology features such as StoryTime and PlayTime. AndThe technology allows you to create funny faces, add colorful backgrounds, or change your voice. These features make calls especially fun and entertaining for children.

Specifications and performance

The main difference between the current Portal Go and previous models is that it does not need to be connected to a power source all the time.

The device comes with a separate charging base that contains a USB-C port for charging. And the device can play music for 14 hours if the screen is off. And up to five hours of video calls.

The new base also features an improved speaker system for music playback via the portable Bluetooth speaker.

But the device supports a limited number of music streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.

Facebook has updated the device’s home screen to allow you more customization. And there is a top row that shows the contacts you contact most often In addition to call notifications.

Below Favorite Contacts is a set of cards that lead to different apps. It depends on what you have installed.

The device also has a feature called Home Mode that restricts what users can do. For example, you can enable it so that children can only use the device for Messenger calls.

The device supports the Alexa voice assistant and the Facebook smart assistant. The voice assistant allows you to make WhatsApp and Messenger calls, play music, check the weather, create a timer, and launch apps.

Comparison of the Portal Go with other smart screens

Compared to competitors, the Facebook device is superior in terms of the ability to connect to the Portal device via the Portal app on your smartphone. You can also Set up up to four personal accounts via Facebook or WhatsApp for those you contact frequently and pin them to the home screen for easy access.

And while Facebook’s Portal Go device excels in the quality of video calls. But it does not compete with other smart screens in terms of other features.

The device does not support video streaming through any service other than Facebook Watch. In addition, it does not support common smart home features such as turning the lights off or on.

Google and Amazon have better devices that have many features that allow you to manage your smart home more easily in addition to video calls.

Moreover, Facebook’s reputation for privacy may become a hindrance for some people who fear for their privacy and spy on their device’s camera or microphone.

It is worth noting that the Portal Go is now available on Facebook At only $199.