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Concert for 5,000 people in Barcelona: No one was injured

Concert for 5,000 people in Barcelona: No one was injured

Cinemas are often closed, museum entry is limited and music festivals canceled. Culture suffers from the Coronavirus pandemic, but can’t it come back somehow? The Spanish experience tried to answer this question. A concert for 5,000 people was held in Barcelona a month ago. However, according to the Catalan authorities, no one was most likely to have contracted the coronavirus.

The morning before the ceremony, all listeners had to undergo antigen tests. Those who are chronically ill, have a weak heart, or have been in contact with a positive person cannot participate. When indie rock band Love of Lesbians started playing, people put on breathing apparatus during the concert. Otherwise, they can hug, dance, and sing as much as they like.

The results are now known. “There is no indication of (Coronavirus) transmission during the event,” epidemiologist Josep Maria Libre told reporters on Tuesday.

Six cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in party participants within two weeks. However, in at least four of them, doctors make sure that they are not related to participating in a music event.

In terms of the number of party-goers, he is half as infected as the number of other Spaniards in the past two weeks, said Lieber of Germany’s Trias Hospital and Pujol. “It was not a very common disease event,” he added.

Czech epidemiologist Petr Smejkal assured Aktuálně.cz that he can imagine the event in the Czech Republic if the epidemiological situation is similar to that in Spain. “It is a promising result,” he added.

Catalonia has been more affected by the coronavirus than the rest of Spain. According to Monday’s data from the local Ministry of Health, the region has recorded 296 injuries per 100,000 residents in the past two weeks. The Czech Republic is a little worse. According to the Ministry of Health data, 335 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded for every 100,000 residents in the past two weeks.

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“Light at the end of the tunnel”

According to Jordi Herreruela, director of the Barcelona Cruilla Festival, the organizers successfully ran the event. The Spanish newspaper quoted him as saying: “People finally see” the light at the end of the tunnel. ” Country. Organizers allegedly hope that the concert has demonstrated how to successfully organize summer music festivals even during the outbreak of the pandemic.

However, this is not the first such experience. Already last December in Barcelona they organized a smaller concert for about 500 spectators. The data at the time showed that testing bystanders before entering and protecting the mouth and nose prevented the spread of infection even without large gaps.

In the Netherlands, they held dance parties again at the beginning of March, dividing the audience into six groups, each with different rules. Epidemiologists wanted to compare measures that could actually work – from wearing a headscarf to keeping a gap. However, the results are still being evaluated.

According to the British daily newspaper, he said, “It is another step towards organizing concerts and cultural events during the outbreak of the epidemic.” Watchman Boris Rovello, a virologist who participated in the security measures for the Barcelona concert.

In the end, it was not just an epidemiological experiment. Spectators were not volunteers and had to buy tickets to Palau Sant Jordi Square. Including an antigen test and a ventilator, they cost between 23 and 28 euros (around 600 to 730 crowns). However, they soon sold out.

“It was a feeling of freedom, to feel the warmth of the people around you again,” said Gerard Moon, 37, after the ceremony. The group members also agreed. “It’s been a year and a half since we performed as a group somewhere,” singer Santi Palms told the audience at the start of the concert. “Some singers are crying here now.”

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Culture in the Czech Republic

Karel Luxík tried to do something similar in the Czech Republic with a series of concerts Cesta ze tma. However, their preparation was finally stopped in mid-April by Health Minister Petr Arenberger (for YES).

According to journalist Ruth Tachezi, there is a certain breakup in the Czech Republic as well, where she mentioned, for example, the acceptance of football matches by fans. “But it shouldn’t happen all at once. I think the openness of culture is also in our future, and it’s not too far away, but we’re not good enough yet,” she told Aktuálně.cz.

Epidemiologist Rastislav Maar also talks about different conditions from those in Spain. “In a country with our epidemiological situation, it would be better to hold a little smaller concerts, and moreover, it would be more appropriate so far to have enough seats and spaces.”

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