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الأخطبوط من الكائنات الواعية التي تشعر بالألم

“Consciousness” in the UK: “Consciousness and feelings” includes the octopus

Crabs, octopuses and crabs are now among the animals that the UK classifies as sensible creatures.

The British government, which is working to amend post-Brexit animal welfare laws, last week added cephalopods (such as squid, octopus) and decapods (such as crabs, crabs and shrimp) to the list of creatures included in the bill. It officially recognizes the ability of some animals to experience pain-like sensations.

Octopuses, crabs and crabs will be recognized as sensitive creatures under UK animal welfare laws after reviewing strong evidence that they are capable of sensory perception.

The bill considers all animals with vertebrates to be sensitive, and the extension, according to a report by the London School of Economics (commissioned by the British government), states that these animals have the potential to feel pain or suffering. NBC News ”website.

A review published this month found that these animals have “strong evidence” of “sensitivity”, which is defined as “the ability to experience pain, pleasure, hunger, thirst, warmth, pleasure, comfort and excitement.”

Jonathan Birch, a professor at the London School of Economics and a fundamentalist in the Animal Sentiences program, said researchers had evaluated more than 300 studies to assess neurological or behavioral indicators in this type of invertebrate.

Studies have looked at whether animals have pain receptors, whether they express learning ability, and how they respond to painkillers.

“In all cases, the balance of evidence seems to be skewed, and in octopuses it is much stronger,” Birch explained.

Researchers are interested in the range of animal emotions, including feelings such as pleasure, pleasure and comfort, but he said that pain and suffering are very important in animal welfare laws.

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While the changes to the bill will not have immediate consequences for restaurants or commercial fishing companies, they will help shape future British animal welfare policy, the British government said in a statement.