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جدل فى بريطانيا بسبب "سيارات وزارة الدفاع".. جارديان: فاتورة الإيجارات 13 مليون استرلينى

Controversy in Britain over “MoD cars” .. The Guardian: Rent 13 13 million

According to The Guardian, Britain’s Ministry of Defense has come under fire after it revealed it had spent 13 13 million renting cars to employees this year.

According to the report, the ministry’s transport sector spent more than 1. 1.1 million in the year to October, while other sectors spent tens of thousands of pounds and the total was more than .2 14.2 million.

The Ministry of Defense has said that its employees should always go to sites in the UK and around the world that are inaccessible by public transport, but the union representing civilian workers at the Ministry of Defense and the union have criticized the amount spent.

“This is an absolutely overwhelming number,” said Karen Evans, a national security guard who works at the unit. This money would have been better spent on car rentals than giving the MOD employees the necessary pay rise.

The DOD responded: “The cost of renting cars to DoD employees through the auto contract for the current calendar year through Nov. 30, 2021 is $ 12,966,612. This includes value added tax but does not include fuel and other costs.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said: “As a large organization with out-of-town locations across the UK and sites around the world, our staff should always go to places inaccessible by public transport and often hire / rent a car or taxi. It is very efficient and inexpensive. Way of travel.

He added: “We are committed to providing value for money. Our current contract for non-running vehicles aims to save about $ 152 million over six years.”

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In further guidance, the DOD stated that all trips of civilian and military personnel must be confirmed and approved by the Director to represent the value of the claim and the value for money.