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Controversy in Tunisia after supporters of Qais Saeed raised the flag of Russia and pictures of Assad

Controversy in Tunisia after supporters of Qais Saeed raised the flag of Russia and pictures of Assad

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Supporters of President Qais Saeed raised the flag of Russia and pictures of the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, sparked controversy on the communication sites in Tunisia.
On Sunday, hundreds of Tunisians demonstrated in the capital and many other cities to express their support for President Kais Saied. They also raised slogans demanding accountability for the corrupt and the purification of the judiciary, and also expressed their rejection of foreign interference in the country.

Social pages circulated pictures of many demonstrators carrying Russian flags and pictures of Assad, which prompted some to taunt him by accusing Saeed’s supporters of “falling into the arms of the outside”, a phrase usually used by the Tunisian president to attack the opposition in his speeches.
Olfa Al-Hilali, an activist in the Tunisia Movement Al-Irada party, wrote, “In the happy era, the flag of Russia fluttered in the sky of Tunisia. We have never raised a foreign flag, and if one of us had done it, he would have been expelled at once.”

An activist called Raed Jebali wrote, “Among the most dangerous thing that is happening in front of the theater (the municipality on Habib Bourguiba Street): the president’s followers are calling for the intervention of “Wagner” and Russia in Tunisia.”

Under the title “Kiss Saied’s supporters raise the Russian flag,” Ahmed Al-Kinani, an activist in the Al-Karama coalition, wrote, “The supporters of Qais Saeed, in their support for him in front of the municipal theater in Tunis, raised the flag of Russia alongside the flag of Syria and the image of Bashar al-Assad, criticizing the participation of the Popular Current Party in support of the regime. Syrians in the demonstrations.

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This coincides with an upcoming visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – who is currently visiting Algeria – to Tunisia.
And the Russian “Sputnik” agency had earlier quoted statements by Tariq bin Salem, the Tunisian ambassador in Moscow, in which he spoke of a “close visit” to President Kais Saied to Moscow, but Ben Salem denied this matter, but he did not deny that there were “high-level visits” between the two countries. the two countries.
It is noteworthy that President Kais Saied called last March to investigate the circulation of a letter in his handwriting that he said was forged, addressed to his Algerian counterpart, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, containing sharp criticism of Washington, and talking about a “new alliance” with Moscow.