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Coop offers automated warehouses in the Czech Republic without salesmen and cashiers

Coop offers automated warehouses in the Czech Republic without salesmen and cashiers

The management of the company states that the novelty of Strakonice will be supplemented by an institution in Kaplice, and according to the results, more will be added. Coop was inspired by its sister chains in Scandinavia, where similar stores have been operating for several years.

Rural shops operate normal business hours, which is not suitable for residents who go to work outside the village because they close in the afternoon. In some villages, only small shops and, in extreme cases, gas stations offer the possibility of shopping later.

“The word self-service is gaining new content. The automated store concept adapts to the needs of customers for whom the need to plan their purchases according to the opening hours of the store”, says Lukáš Němčík, Director of Development and Marketing Network.

Outside of standard business hours, the entire store will be available, and only counters serving delicacies or cold cuts will be closed. However, automated stores will have an expanded offer of packaged goods.

Payment for goods should work on the principle of self-service cash registers. The customer will be able to leave the store with the purchase after the payment is verified. The technology solution supplier is Knowingstore.

“Customers will shop in the store if they have a bank ID and at the same time they download a special application. Everyone will be clearly identified and double entry into the store will not allow anyone without this identification. In addition, the store will guard a camera system,” added Nimchik.

Coop has also recently started experimenting with food delivery, which is also intended for competition. Rohlík Point is a particular alternative to touchless shopping. Customers who do not wish to meet and stick with the delivery company can collect purchases from there. The online supermarket Rohlí has established a collaboration with Alza and will also use AlzaBoxes.

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Rural customers are likely to see expansion of landfill sites soon. “We want to make the most of the existing routes and ride the courier, among other things for environmental reasons. When we pass the place, there is no reason not to make a purchase there. That is why we plan to gradually import food from Rohlic to the small towns or villages that en route to existing customers,” said company spokeswoman Denis Morgensteinova.

The competitive Koší has been shipping throughout the Czech Republic for a year now, and customers can choose from twelve thousand dry varieties. “The service, which was originally designed to help families during the pandemic, has changed significantly during the year. Today, it is also used to provide families in municipalities with poor access to stone shops, and it is also used by people who have fled from cities to work in huts or so-called second homes “, Basket spokesman František Prosch says:

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