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Cooperation countries and UK Foreign Ministers discuss regional and international files

Cooperation countries and UK Foreign Ministers discuss regional and international files

During the meeting with the British Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development, the Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council discussed key regional and international files of common interest and areas of cooperation between the GCC countries and the United Kingdom.

The meeting, held yesterday at Sevening in London, was attended by Lana Zaki Nusaibek, Assistant Minister for International Cooperation on Foreign and Political Affairs and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in the United Arab Emirates.

The meeting was attended by the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah. Kuwait, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar and Dr. Abdulladeep bin Rashid Al-Sayani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Badr bin Hamad bin Hamoud Al Fusaidi, Foreign Minister of the Sultanate of Oman, Dr. Hayb Raf , Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Elizabeth Truss, British Foreign Secretary, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Northern Ireland.

During the meeting, the Foreign Ministers agreed to strengthen relations between the United Kingdom and the GCC in all fields, as the United Kingdom and the GCC co-operate closely in various fields, including political dialogue, defense, foreign policy, trade and investment. , And development.

The foreign ministers expressed their commitment to expanding partnerships in emerging areas such as clean technology, digital infrastructure and cyber issues as part of efforts to create security and jobs.

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The ministers also stressed the importance of strengthening interpersonal relationships, noting their role in enhancing understanding among the people and promoting innovation, business opportunities and cultural and educational exchanges. They reaffirmed their belief that an ambitious strategic partnership between the UK and the GCC was essential to promote peace, security, stability and economic growth in the Middle East and beyond.

In the field of trade and investment, the Foreign Ministers welcomed the completion of the June 2021 Trade Review and Joint Investment between the United Kingdom and the GCC, a key milestone in the establishment of free trade between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. The GCC countries also welcomed the recent progress in promoting trade between the regions by removing trade barriers and facilitating cooperation. They also stressed the need to move quickly towards a Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which expires on January 14, 2022.

With regard to international investment, the Foreign Ministers acknowledged that raising the level of transparent and credible investment at high levels in low- and middle-income countries is an essential element in promoting sustainable growth and combating climate change. The UK and GCC countries have reaffirmed their commitment to identifying bilateral opportunities for joint investment in infrastructure and clean technology in developing countries. Ministers expressed support for the Fifth United Nations Conference on Low-Developing Countries (LDC5) to be held in Qatar next January.

With regard to foreign policy and regional security, the United Kingdom and the GCC continued to emphasize close cooperation in foreign policy and regional security. The foreign ministers agreed on their vision for stability and prosperity and to prevent the spread of terrorism in the region and beyond. The foreign ministers also discussed various topics, including the peace process in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

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In the field of defense, the Foreign Ministers welcomed the close co-operation between the United Kingdom and the GCC countries on security matters and agreed to continue liaison between their Armed Forces. The Gulf Cooperation Council and the UK Foreign Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to counter-threats and security in the region through joint exercises. They called on all nations to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other nations, to support freedom of navigation and to allow unrestricted access.

With regard to climate and the environment, the British side accepted the promises of climate change by the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and welcomed their contribution to COP26, including statements issued to achieve climate neutrality. The British congratulated the United Arab Emirates on winning the hosting of COP28, noting that these were important signals to the international community about the region’s mission to take action for future generations and to protect the environment.

Concluding the meeting, the Ministers thanked Elizabeth Truss for convening the meeting, emphasizing the importance of pursuing the outcome of the fruitful debate in the years to come.